Medicines For Animals
(1)"Food Tone": This is effective when animal are not feeding properly, suffering from cold and fever, loose motion and problem in legs and indigestion
(2) "Sist Cure" : This is very much effective in mastitis e.g.
(3)"Belatone”: It’s very much effective in prolaps of uterus..
(4)"Any Cure”: The medicine is very effective in foot and mouth diseases of animals.
(5) "Milktone”: The medicine enhances milk productivity of milch cattle.
(6)"Milk Cure”: It facilitates the milk let down in animals and the remedy of placenta related problems.
(7) "Barmi Tone”: This is effective against worms and neurosis of the animals.
(8)"Sistone”: In the early stage of mastites and apces.
(9)"Placenta Tonic”: This is very much effective in female animals after the delivery. It helps in clearing the uterus.
(10)"Srijan”: Increase potential of conceiving and removes infertility.