Why Homeo Agriculture/ Homeo Animal Husbandary?


(1)   Safe and healthy food with out chemical residues.

(2)  Application through seed, soil and foliar spray helps in natural mobilization of nutrients by enhancing biological and natural processes.

(3)  Homeo Amrit and Homeo Sanjivani ensures better root development that in turn increases drought tolerance and reduces irrigation requirement.

(4)  Improves seed germination and ensures early emergence. Crops treated with Homeo products matures 7-10 days earlier.

(5)  Prophylactic use ensures effective prevention of insect pests and diseases.

(6)  Timely use at recommended intervals helps in further spread of pests and controls their incidence.

(7)  Safe to beneficial insects, birds and other life forms including natural soil microbes.

(8)  Safe to animals and human beings.

(9)   Reduces cost of cultivation, which varied from 25 to 50% depending upon the crop and intensity of use.

(10)  Simple and convenient to use.

(11)   Homeo products being safe and non-toxic are easy to use and require little space in their storage.

(12)   All Homeo products are stable and can be stored for years (if not opened).

(13)  Homeo animal husbandry products provide cost effective non-chemical and non-drug based health care solutions.
(14)  Technology is simple and a production unit can be set up with minimum cost and in small area without the requirement of heavy machinery and high power supply.
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